FS UK Partnership Program for mod creators

/ FS UK Partnership Program for mod creators

We are proud to announce our new FS UK Partnership Program for mod creators. With it, we want to support mod creators to display and share their work. We are always looking for talented modders to join our partnership scheme and support the PC focused experience for FS. Use our contact section to send a message to our team.

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So why should I become a partner…?

Save time

With our platform, we support our partners and focus on game functionality – not filename conventions. We will test the mods in-house with our team of seasoned testers that are committed to supporting our vision and the modding community. LexR and Trickster are fully invested in project and will offer support and time to ensure our Partners feel safe on this platform. Together this can be a really exciting project for all.

Friendly support

Our support team is here to make sure your experience as a content creator runs smoothly. Therefore, you can focus on other projects. We give you the support you need. We all have had bad experiences with other sites offering limited to no support to the community, dictating terms, and we are not about that here…

Constructive feedback

Our team has seasoned testers with a years of experience in systematically testing the gameplay functions. Further, our in-house mod team can support you with fault finding. We have a structured process in place that we work through. After that, we offer a detailed report on the issues found. Where we can we will offer advice on how to get around any issues you are facing.

Grow your community

With the more partners that support us, the more the community will follow everyone’s work. Together we can build a place for high-quality mods, without the exhaustive route through other sites. We will be building our collective knowledge base through the forums, and keeping the community updated on interesting articles and mod reviews, growing excitement with current Work In Progress updates and a much-needed support framework for the very talented content creators we have in FS.

Interested in becoming a partner? Apply to the Farming Simulator partnership program, because only then we can support you as a content creator and help you to save time and grow your community!

Are you ready to join the FS UK Partnership Program? Contact us now!

Please note that this partnership program is not endorsed by GIANTS, the creator of Farming Simulator.