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After discussing many different ideas with Trickster, we decided to start exploring the option to build a platform. A place that we can host our maps, but also have a space to discuss issues and ideas in a forum type environment. It occurred to us that this platform could very much be used by others. So we started building this website and we have had the most amazing feedback from the community. If you haven’t seen it yet, why don’t you meet the team.

Partners, Associates and content creators now have a space to call home. They can host their mods, discuss work in progress and support the community in the forums. The team will also offer guides and tutorials on how to create content yourself. GIANTS did a great job in creating Farming Simulator and modification building tools. However, we think the community needs a place to discuss and learn.


  • Friendly and supportive site for all
  • Forums
  • Mod hosting (via the partnership scheme)
  • News and creative content (Role play and the SIM Farmer e-magazine)
  • In-house test team
  • The top modders in the UK

Something different

There are many great sites out there where you can dump screenshots and memes. We do not think that FS UK Modding is the best outlet for that. We have talented content creators that will provide you with curated content where the images and information we show are relevant to the story that is being told.

Interested? Welcome on board! Browse around our posts for some updates. After that, visit the forum to have a chat with others. Please remember to register and take part in the conversations!

This site is brought to you and created by Lex Rock and Trickster. However, this site would not have been possible without all our contributors.

This page is not officially endorsed by GIANTS SOFTWARE, the creator of Farming Simulator.