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Fleming 8ft Land Roller v1.0.0.0 Release

After a few weeks and a few issues with in-gaming I am happy to present to you the Fleming 8ft Land Roller v1.0.0.0 release. This was a project that I started in order to try a new area in modding. The model was fully made, UDIM and in-gamed by me. It was a really enjoyable process for the most part and was a great learning experience. I picked this roller in particular because I really like Fleming equipment. Also, and I feel like we could do with more Irish/UK equipment in FS19. The roller is aimed at players who like using small to medium sized equipment and have an interest in playing realistically.

Fleming Land Roller used to roll a grass field.
Rolling a Grass Field

So what functions does it have?

The roller can be used to add a fertilizing stage to grass just after it has been cut, cultivated land, harvested fields and freshly sown fields. It provides unlimited fertilizer with the trade off being that it takes longer to apply it. The roller can be easily transported using a tractors 3 point linkage just like real life. The roller can also be configured with an after market attacher. The attacher can be used to add an extra roller to improve the working width. The Fleming 8ft Land Roller specifications:

  • Cost of £2500
  • 12kph Working Speed
  • 1200Kg Weight
  • 60hp Requirement
  • Multiple configurations including optional attacher and reflectors
  • 2.42m Working Width
Fleming Land Roller being transported using 3pt Linkage
Roller being transported using 3pt Linkage
Two Fleming Land Roller can be pulled at once.
Two rollers being pulled at once

I would like to thank Cathal and Cam135 for the help while in-gaming and Derplodactyl and SFTN for testing and giving me ideas. If you find any issues with the roller please report them so I can get them fixed in a future update. I would also like to mention that I am hoping to do more small implements like this in the near future so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Please go visit the dedicated mod page for more information, screenshots and of course the download!

I hope you like this release of the Fleming 8ft Land Roller! Let me know in the dedicated forum that we created.