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Holme Wold Farm v1.0.2.0 Update Release Notes

I have another small update available today for HWF 19. See below for the changelog.

HWF v1.0.2.0 Changelog

  • Tweaked clip distances
  • Added bale sell point at Kiplingcotes Feed Services
  • Fixed gates clipping into the ground
  • Fixed weighbridge trigger causing problems with AutoDrive
  • Fixed silage bunker trigger problems
  • Rotated pallet spawner at south sheep pen to make it easier to get pallet tines into the wool pallets
  • Other small visual improvements

Do I need a new savegame?

Once again, there is nothing in this update that will ‘break’ an existing savegame. You will however miss out on some of the changes in this update including the new bale sell point and the silage bunker trigger fix.

If you are really desperate to retain your savegame progress, follow the steps below but bear in mind following the steps below will mean you will lose any bales or placeable buildings you have installed in your savegame.

  1. BACKUP your savegame (copy entire folder eg. ‘savegame2’ to your desktop or tmp directory).
  2. Go in-game with the updated HWF version (v1.0.2.0), start a brand new savegame and once loaded, save and exit the game.
  3. Now back in your FS directory (Documents>My Games>FarmingSimulator2019), go into the savegame folder for the brand new savegame you just made in-game.
  4. Find ‘items.xml’, copy this and replace it with the old items xml file in your main savegame.
  5. You should now have most of the functionality of this update in your original savegame.

Thank you for your continued support in improving HWF. Please continue to report any issues you find in the forum space here.

Download Holme Wold Farm v1.0.2.0