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Tom Pemberton Farm

Hey guys. Now that we are finished with our last map we have fully started to out next map project: the Tom Pemberton Farm.


The Tom Pemberton Farm map will be a real life map set in England, Blackpool and is created for Farming Simulator 19. TomPemberton is a large YouTuber that makes videos of him and his father working on his dairy farm. The map models will be made by myself from scratch such as the sheds, houses and roads. The models will be hilly detailed as possible with 3d nuts and bolts, gutters, small ware textures and more. The shed and models will also have new textures. The farm shop will have a fully detailed interior with shelfs and more. We also have interred the small milk vending machine shed.

The Tom Pemberton Farm will feature two cow farms with the option to have the cows in the field or in the sheds for seasons.

Here are some pictures of the models being made in Blender. Not all the sheds are fully done, we still have some more small detail to add and to finish making some of the interiors of some sheds.

This map is still in its early stages of development. Thus, some of the models may be altered and some sheds may look different.

Please let me know what you think of the TomPemberton Farm so far over at the forum and I will try to answer any questions you have.

If you are interested in Blender, you may want to have a look at our post Learning to 3D model using Blender by AC808.

When the map if finished it will be uploaded to the Modhub.

MJ Modding is one of our partners, creating quality content for Farming Simulator 19. Have a look at the partner page to see who else is on board!